Weekly Creative Workshops


The program aims to provide the participants with an experience of new and challenging activities whilst enhancing social and personal development in a supportive environment, with the objective to:

  • Promote the importance of communication and cooperation through group participation and team building
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation for others
  • Help the children in understanding and coping with their emotions when faced with a conflict
  • Build a confidence in overcoming and mastering real world situations


This program is conducted through the engagement of a variety of problem solving exercises and different interactive games and activities.


The program aims to provide children with varying physical or mental disabilities, such as autism, downs syndrome, visual impairment as well as patients of HIV/AIDS, an opportunity to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of their own abilities.  To enable their sense of self-expression while building self-confidence through the engagement of creative and interactive activities within a positive, supporting environment.  The objectives of the program are:

  • Develop an eagerness for learning while enhancing cognitive abilities
  • Enhance gross and fine motor skills
  • Promote group participation and team building


By introducing the children to an open and interactive environment in which they can feel comfortable to experiment and take in new information, we are able to improve on their everyday abilities, thus increasing their confidence going into a new challenge.  We also focus our workshops to include activities that will promote continuous engagement of multiple sensory experiences and create a strong pattern of repetition, which helps to ensure a lasting impact.


The program aims to motivate and help the children to work on their English Language skills by creating an interest in reading and writing.

  • Provide a basic introduction to both written and spoken English
  • Build thefoundation as a basis for further learning
  • Improvement of pre-existing knowledge and communication proficiency


We keep our classes highly interactive and concentrated on the engagement of the children through creative methods of instruction, covering each topic in a variety of activities.  The program addresses not only their written and spoken English but to also evaluates their overall understanding of the material.  Ranging from simple readings and comprehension exercises, to creative group assignments and presentations.