Nancy Mascarenhas


Nancy currently handles what we could call as the brain center of our organization, overseeing Accounts, Administration & Finance. She joined Tara Trust in November 2011 at a time when the organization was looking to grow and needed someone to handle accounts, finance and administration. Being a creative lover of dance, she also found herself exploring new grounds when she began interacting with the kids and getting herself involved in the workshops and planning of events as well. Nancy brings onboard her consistency & meticulous skillsets to make sure the numbers and books tally for the rest of the organization to be able to perform their tasks well.

Geeta Jamuni

Workshop Facilitator

Geeta Jamuni, joined our team in June 2014. She completed her BA degree in Hindi and History at Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts & Science. Geeta, brings in her skills of understanding of the local communities of Goa, being able to connect with the social structure of having born and brought up in the state. She also has a keen interest in teaching and facilitating children in their growing years. The Anganwadi projects which caters to children of kindergarden age is the program that she is handling on her own. She is also the youngest in the Tara Trust team.