Creative Engagement for a Better Life

Tara Trust is a registered non-profit organization in Goa, India, established in 2008 with the mission to empower, educate and enable marginalized groups (including children from disadvantaged backgrounds, people with disabilities, women and minorities) to improve their lives through art.


The Objectiveis to motivate children within the marginalized communities coming from conflict driven households, economically low backgrounds, or either orphaned or abandoned, to not only stay in school but to gain an understanding and appreciation of the importance of education.  To develop a confidence within themselves to pursue a higher education and a sense of self-determination, enabling them to aspire for a better life.


Our Methodof using creative engagement to encourage a child’s personal growth is driven by the belief that in following traditional forms of education alone we are neglecting an integral part of one’s self development.  We conduct extensive art based and creative workshops along with numerous intercultural programs and activities, which supports the discovery of each child’s own abilities enabling them to reach their full potential.


Social Change Doesn’t Happen in a Day

Our impact stems from the ability to form enduring relationships with individuals and institutions. Engaging with individual children and groups on across the school year enables us to create lasting social change. Our children’s programmes start as early as the pre-school level with our work in government-run Anganwadis (kindergartens) and continue through primary and high school.  In our women’s clusters we work on an on-going basis so that we continuously enhance their strengths and address emerging challenges.


In 2015 we were certified by Credibility Alliance for transparency and good governance Credibility Alliance is a consortium of Voluntary Organizations committed to enhancing Accountabilityand Transparency in the not-for-profit sector.