India Support Project

While the majority of our work is concentrated throughout Goa itself, we are also working along side partner NGO’s and institutions in other parts of India, for which we provide support, fundraising and assistance in finding sponsors and donors.


The Jamyang School is a secular boarding school with the aim of offering free education, as well as guiding children in ethically and environmentally friendly behavior.


Today the school has a total of 18 teachers along with a fantastic team of staff, providing free education and housing to 317 children, all coming from the poorest families of villages near the India international borders.


Tara Trusts offers its support by fundraising and finding people to sponsor the education of one or more children of the Jamyang School throughout the duration of their schooling. Furthermore, by making yearly visits to the institution during which we also host a number of workshops and short programs, we are able to maintain a strong relationship with both children and instructors.


Tara Trust has been working closely with one of its partners, Udayan Care, to find sponsorships for underprivileged girls enabling them to a higher education.  This is a three to six year scholarship for socially and economically deprived young women, whose families cannot afford their further education.


The Shalini Fellowship allows these young women to enroll in a Bachelor degree or Higher Studies, during which they will receive mentorship in career choices and attend workshops on social responsibility throughout their sponsorship.


The Wider Vision Foundation was founded and registered by Neel K. Pratap in the summer of 2009, and the Naveen Nursery & Primary School was incorporated into it as a school project for children of financially weak families.


There are currently around 190 girls and boys attending the school, whom after having passed the 5th standard continue their studies at one of neighboring high schools of the area.  Both Neel and his wife, Birgit, strive to continuously improve the quality of the schools by introducing more varied teaching materials and promoting the use of more experiential methods of instruction, along with regular teacher training and supervision.


Tara Trust has been working to support the activities of the school by periodically conducting our art based development workshops, while also assisting to find funding and sponsorships to ensure that all the children are able to continue their studies and ultimately reach their full potential.