Tara Trust’s funding comes from certain grant organisations in India, along with small donations from friends and family who contribute whenever possible. 100% of the funds raised go into our projects and we do not charge a single child from the underprivileged  background for any workshops we do with them.  We can only accept funding from Indian organisations and individuals residing in India, as we are stil awaiting our FCRA clearance to avail to foreign funding.


We are also working towards developing our own methods of generating revenue, which can then create a stable funding stream for our projects, thereby reducing our dependency on grants and funds from donors, which could vary from year to year.  


An example of which would be the Tara Trust Art Auction, an initiative which we hope to develop into a yearly event, the first being held March 8th, 2014 at the Goa Marriott Resort & Spa.  The auction sold 39 works of art, with a grand total hammer price of Rs. 53,18,000, of which Rs. 17,75,200 went directly towards funding the free creative and art-based programs conducted by Tara Trust. The remaining proceeds were distributed back to the contributing artists, galleries and art collectors who graciously donated their works to us on a percentage share basis.