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Old and new members of the Tara Trust team as well as friends and supporters came together at Katharina´s bungalow to participate in a teambuilding workshop focused on creating a vision for the future. As we introduced ourselves through the ice breaker, “which animal are you?” everyone learned something new about the others.  A blindfolded walk through the garden reiterated the value of trust and communication, and of building on each other’s strengths.


The afternoon saw intense discussion about the vision, mission and values of Tara Trust. “What is our core strength, our unique purpose?” Arun asked us. “What values will we never give up as the trust expands?” We saw that each of us brought diverse perspectives to Tara while all following the same goals. By the end of the day we had reached a consensus on the trust’s mission which will guide our way into the future. Thank you Arun for facilitating an exemplary workshop and paving a way for us to grow together.


Tara Trust- A creative force for empowerment and lasting social change