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In August of this year as a follow up to our 2011 ‘1000 Cranes Project’ the Tara Trust team began a ‘1000 T-shirt Project’ this time working with 1000 students on a two day workshop across twenty local schools throughout Goa, this was made possible once again by the kind t-shirt donation from Cathay Pacific.


The theme for the project this year was ‘Water’, how it moves, its different states and what we can do to preserve it. The project began with our first school being St. Jude’s in Betalbatim, having finished with 14 schools so far, we have six more schools to go and then we’ll have over 1000 t-shirts with a unique pattern to each, representing water movements as captured by each child, painted on these 1000 t-shirts!


During the workshops the children explored how they could move and create sounds like water and using specially designed paintbrushes created from coconut branches and bamboo sticks they conveyed their water movements, painting flowing watery marks in vivid blues, yellows and greens across each of their t-shirts!


The Project will culminate in an exchange day at Chowgule College on the 16th of December 2014 in which all the children that took part in the project, will come together to take part in a short water inspired movement piece and also exchange their t-shirts with one another. This is an opportunity to celebrate the children’s achievements and see just what great work was created during the project!