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The schools here in Goa have begun, and so we are all back to what we love doing the most at Tara Trust, the Free Weekly Workshops. The children are back in the schools, and the homes, institutions we work with are again buzzing with noise and chatter. For us this is an exciting phase and time as the last year has taught us so much, and now we are going in with better preparation and more expertise.


“Create, Think, Perform & Share” our motto for 2014-2015 and that’s precisely what our workshops shall be aimed at this year with our children at the Schools, Homes and Institutions.


We also start with a new team, which comes in with more experience, skills and knowledge in the area of Creative Arts Education for children, that we are confident our programs are only getting stronger and more beneficial for the children.


Before I introduce you to our new team, I would like to acknowledge the team of last year – Sophie Moerbe, who was a volunteer working as our Creative Manager – Thank You! Your support in our project was of tremendous help, and you spread a lot of cheer amongst the children. Abhishegh Menon, you came in as a volunteer, and we thought you’d never go. Thank You! Your knowledge about operations and finance helped us dreamers and creatives with the stability we need on the organizational front to move forward, and to grow correctly and professionally. Sonja Coates, as our volunteer design consultant, you gave Tara Trust a complete makeover! Thank You! Your sensitivity, your personal connect with our project has built a great image and look for the organization, and we know you will be back for more.


We wish you all the very best that life has to offer you in your new ventures and travels. Remember, you always have a family waiting in Goa J


I would also like to thank all our volunteers of last year, Nina Talke, Nina Kretschmar, Nadine Berlenbach, Geet Sharma, Melissa Morgan (Khusi Hona), Teresa Werthebach, Nora Strasser, Ludovica Valori, Paolo Carmenini, Sonam Angchuk (LAMO) , Thank You All, for your time, your passion, your support and your creativity, it helped us create the magic last year.


Moving on, we have a fresh new team, and to start with smaller, but more experienced and “crisper”:

Jocy Fernandez, a recruitment professional for a decade started volunteering over his free weekend, finally got inspired enough to quit his recruitment assignments and joined us to help with operations, management and workshops. Jocy, this year takes over the role of Project Manager. Using his operations and systems knowledge, he will be organizing and managing all the weekly workshops, special programs, connect with experts, and also overlook the administration and functions of the organization. He is also a great mentor for the children, especially at the boy’s homes.


Jen Kay is a creative arts worker from the UK, who has come in to work on a one year voluntary contract. She joined Tara Trust as a volunteer in February 2014, and came back to complete the assignment of setting up the Children’s Library and Activity center, along with working on the regular and special workshops. Jen Kay has 10 years of experience working with different youth groups in the UK, along with being a performer and creative person herself.


Crisologo Furtado, a theater professional and artist, who has worked for nearly 30 years in the area of art, design, theater, film-making, dance , with children and adults alike, has graciously accepted his appointment to Tara Trust, as the Program Guide and Trainer. Cris (as we call him) is a vast knowledge bank of creativity, he shall be working closely with the workshop team, in helping the planning and execution.


Annette Furtado who is a qualified teacher for special children and has 18 years of experience working with children from various backgrounds with craft and movement programs. Annette is working with us as a Workshop Coordinator, especially with the special children, at Daddy’s Home and ASRO, for our weekly workshops. She will also work to train the new assistants and workshop staff with ideas and skills.


Nancy Mascarenhas continues to be with us, it’s her 3rd year with Tara Trust, and we are really grateful for her tremendous and organized work taking care of the Administration and Finance of the organization. Although she is a new mother, she manages to smartly balance home and office and makes sure the needful is done.


Geeta Jamuni, is the newest member of Tara Trust. She is fresh out of the oven from Chowgule College in Goa, which is a very well reputed University known for their quality education across the state. Geeta, comes in as a workshop assistant, and will be getting hands on training while working and assisting our expert team at the weekly workshop.


This year, we are concentrating on building a strong local volunteer base, offering experts in the field of Education and Art to come in and volunteer (paid/unpaid) on a part time basis, and help us increase our outreach. We are also looking forward to a group of interns from our partner German universities from August to October this year.


It’s amazing the number of people have come and gone, but each one’s contribution has helped us grow and only move forward in our mission. The children we meet on a daily basis remind us of how simple life is and it does not take much to make another happy or feel valuable. We feel immensely happy ourselves with every laugh, smile, hurray we hear from the children we work with at the end of the workshop and the eagerness with which they wait for us the following week.


We will continue to update you all about our team and their work. If you wish to volunteer/intern or work with us part-time/full-time please send us your resume to More The Merrier!