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June 2014 – A starting to the new school year! We at Tara Trust have been revamping and gearing ourselves for another new year – this year our motto is “Create, Think, Perform & Share”


From June 2014, we have moved into a new & larger office space. Located in Mungul, Margao, we are closer to all our projects in South Goa as well as to the main city; Margao. This puts us at an advantage logistically, giving easy access to people wanting to connect with us and also helping us connect with our projects and resources in a quick and efficient manner. With a larger office space, comes a larger rent too, but one has to pay for progress.


This large office space is not so much for the team to have their own rooms but actually for us to make it a center for Creative Learning. It’s a two storey stand-alone building, where the entire ground floor area of 800 sq ft shall be converted into a Library and a Creative Learning Center. The idea is to make it a free for all interactive space. We are still working on the layout and interiors; hence, we are sharing only some basic photographs.


Moving into a new space and creating a Library & Activity Center from the scratch, comes along with its own share of permissions to attain from the authorities in the Municipality, the Fire Department, the Health & Safety Department, etc. in order to acquire the NOC’s and other compliance certificates needed to run the Center. The process for the same has already begun, which will help us work within the jurisdictions of the governing bodies, allowing us to work as a recognized Center & Space for Learning.


Our target group will continue to be the children of South Goa, but we will also offer the space to other groups, NGOs, experts looking for a space to conduct programs, workshops and exercises. Tara Trust has always believed in collaborations, exchanges and interactions and will continue to forge new relationships while providing others with a platform to irradiate their work.


How Can You Help?

We are happy to add on to our Library of books, so if you have any books you would like to donate, please feel free to send them by post to us. If you have a truck load of books….sorry we don’t have that much space, but would like at least half a truck load, then we can arrange for a pick-up of the same from your city if you are in India.


We also need help furnishing the Library and Activity Center. So we are looking for cupboards, tables, shelves, mats, any comfortable seating furniture, which once again can be sent to us directly at our address.


We are constantly looking for volunteers to come in help us with our regular workshops and now we need hands to set up the Library and Activity Center. We are always available via email at