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We have conducted our yearly visit to the Jamyang School in Leh, Ladakh this month. Since it´s opening in 2008 Tara Trust has been supporting the school with fundraising.


The School is a secular boarding school led by monks with the aim of offering free education as well as guiding children in ethically and environmentally friendly behavior. All admitted children come from the poorest families of the villages with predominantly difficult family backgrounds (i.e. families that are broken due to divorce or death of one or both parents, and children who face child labor in the city or road construction since their parents neither possess land nor have a job to feed them). So far, most of the children do not have access to medical care or eat sufficient and nutritious food. The school currently provides education from nursery up to the 10th standard and hosts a total number of 317 students.


We were very happy to meet all the children again and see how grown up they have become. We conducted various painting sessions with the kids, which all of them enjoyed a lot.


The Jamyang School follows the aim to raise the children to become independent and responsible human beings. By making the children in charge of certain tasks, such as the vegetable garden maintenance, the dinner preparation or the morning assembly organization, the children learn to take responsibilities at an early age.


Tara Trust manages a sponsorship program for the school, which offers the opportunity to sponsor a child´s education. The yearly sponsorship amount is 24,000 INR or 350€. For more information about the sponsorship program please contact or