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This semester, we will be working with five institutions across Goa.

In the past, we have worked on addressing hard hitting issues affecting our children and the world; creatively tackling bullying, lack of team-work and  issues surrounding both health & community welfare.

In the coming weeks you can look forward to seeing us execute a powerful curriculum that focuses on each of our institutions, individually.

Please have a look at a short description of our goals this year:

-Our workshops with the Anganwadi (kindergarten) children will revolve around ‘Learning creative skills through play.'

- With our group of teens and pre-teens, our curriculum centres on ‘daring to dream’ while crafting an atmosphere of empathy and team spirit within the classroom.

- We will continue working on guiding our group of change makers aged 10-12 to continue influencing positive impact in their community in South Goa.

-Theatre, music and movement has proven to be solid tools to inspire self expression and build self esteem in every child and will continue to be part of our workshops.


We are excited and looking forward to an inspiring year!