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During this year’s summer vacation we conducted two summer camps with our partner institutions in Goa.


At Hamara School in Panjim, we worked with children aged 12-17 on the topic 'Gender', along with numerous games strengthening their teamwork and self-confidence since many of them come from marginalized backgrounds. We fostered awareness considering 'Gender roles', equality and the every-day pressure they face throughout their surrounding and media, concluding that each person should have the freedom of choice to be whoever they want. Many of these children told us that the school with all its people are like a second family for them and we were happy to strengthen this family with games building up the ability to trust their peers- but also trust themselves.


In the second summer camp, at Betalbatim Primary School, we chose environment as the central theme, following the motto 'This summer I care'. We focused on topics such as conservation, nature, endangered animals/local wildlife and recycling/waste management. With the help of art, theatre, games and movement we incorporated these matters. Highlights of the week were building an installation from recycled material, adorning a tree in the school's garden with numbers of origami butterflies, rock painting, gardening and several games to enhance teamwork.


Although both summer camps focused on different areas, we came to the same result: the children gave us the most positive feedback on these two very interesting weeks and everybody, the kids and the Tara Trust Team, had a great time!