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Being part of the Serendipity Art Festival in Goa, Tara Trust conducted an art workshop on the theme of power and vulnerability with seventeen kids (13 from Mae Dos Pobres High School, Nuvem and 4 of them from Lok Vishwas Pratishtan School for the visually and hearing Impaired, Ponda). It took place in Benaulim for a period of 6 days in November.


The kids, along with our staff and volunteers worked on an art installation that involved using a large number of plastic bottles which had to be cut in different shapes, painted and attached to the iron installation so that it would be fully covered from the outside. A part of it represents a waterfall whereas the inside has a covering with coir pieces, both the elements representing a strong and vulnerable side.


The kids had a wonderful and fantastic time! They built up lasting bonds and were engaged in different activities. Not to forget to mention singing to the tunes of our own serendipity song! The words are as follows:


“Se-ren-di-pity, it’s the perfect time and place for us to be,

 Se-ren-di-pity, united cre-a-tivity”


The installation will be on display from the 16th of December till the 23rd of December 2016 at the Mandovi Promenade a picturesque stretch along the Mandovi River in Panjim City which is surrounded by historic buildings and beautified gardens. 


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