Awareness Programs


Apart from our regular weekly art based workshops, we also organize awareness programs with the aim of promoting specific topics such as on-going social and environment issues, gender sensitization and equality, as well as the importance of maintaining one’s personal health and physical well being. Conducted at institutions/schools across Goa on a monthly basis throughout the year. The areas covered in this program range from:
  • Topics such as overpopulation, urbanization and pollution
  • Bring attention to the importance energy consumption and scarcity of vital resources such as water
  • Evaluate the overall impact we as a society hold on our environment, promoting a desire to become actively involved in its maintenance
  • Encourage self awareness in terms of one’s self and one’s environment


This program covers a wide variety of activities from presentations, creative work, team exercises and fun games to communicate the message of each topic in a manner that will best connect to the children and their experiences.


During the summer of 2013, Tara Trust conducted its first annual Summer Camp Program.  Taking place throughout the months of April and May at a number of local schools around Goa, with children of the 6th and 7th standard.

With the slogan of ‘This Summer I Care’, this 5-Day program was designed to create interest and awareness towards our environment and help build an understanding of its importance.  All the while demonstrating fun, easy and creative ways in which we can all become actively involved in its conservation. 


Key Topics:

  • Energy Consumption
  • Water and Wildlife Conservation
  • Waste Management
  • Recycling and Reusing


Each day focuses on a different central concept while engaging the children in a number of creative and art based activities along with exposure to daily presentations, discussions and interactive games.   Furthermore, in the conducting of this camp we aim to not only provide the children with a positive learning environment but also teach them the importance of community involvement and group participation.


Based on the methods of the “Theater of the Oppressed”, the following workshops are designed to enable people to evaluate and understand their position in society and to begin to question it critically. 

The initial aim is to convey an understanding that existing oppressions within our society are changeable. Therefore our workshops aim to help the children understand such sensitive topics as gender sensitization and the mechanisms of discrimination, while beginning to break down prejudices, promote social skills amongst the children, such as teamwork, empathy and moral courage. 

Finally the workshop motivates the children to defend themselves against inequalities. We want the participants to experience situations as victims of discrimination to actively find solutions, which they can take back in their real life. By using the safe space of the stage, we are able to show them ways in which to free themselves from everyday oppressions.

Past Workshops:

  • June 2012 – Holy Spirit High School, Margao
  • June 2012 – Holy Tirinity Higher Secondary School, Benaulim
  • July 2012 – Cambridge High School, Varca
  • May 2013 – LAMO Centre, Leh, Ladakh


The teacher’s training program aims at helping educators working with children to enhance their scope of interactions and relationship building through creative methods with the objective to:
  • Create opportunities for educators to be able to better express themselves and feel more encouraged in their jobs
  • Assist management in improving the overall quality of class room learning
  • Raise the level of motivation within students by increasing their engagement


Each session contains exercises that challenge the teachers to think creatively as well as connecting their learning with everyday classroom environments to see how the exercises can be integrated into their regular classes.