Women's Livelihoods Program

The women’s livelihood program, started by Tara Trust in July 2014, aims to empower women through craft skills. The objective of this project is to form cohesive groups of women with exceptional craft skills. With the successful implementation of this program, we will be able to empower women and increase their financial security.


The process we’ve put in motion enables us to conduct creative skill development workshops and design workshops in order to enable the groups to produce a unique & wide range of products. Workshops are currently held biweekly in Zuari Nagar, a low-income community located, near the airport in Goa. The group consist of 15 women mostly married with children. Recently, we have started a workshop for their children simultaneously with the women’s workshop. This allows their children to develop English skills and participate in various games and activities while the women focus on learning.


These workshops allow us to bring women together from different socio-economic backgrounds into a nurturing environment, promoting their skills, creative abilities and confidence. The women are currently working on a new line of meditation products that consist of yoga bag carriers, eye pillows and tote bags. The women who do not have access to sewing machines at home are working on a coiling technique that requires very few materials to work with. They are creating home goods such as hot plates and baskets. Tara is working on marketing products to stores all around Goa.


The workshop cycle consist of:


- Tapping into the existing skills, in order to incorporate new materials and products

- Sensitization to different materials 

- Interaction and self-learning between members of the group

- Teaching new craft techniques

- Giving focus to quality standards and contemporary products

- Implementing training in production and marketing

- Teaching an entrepreneurial mindset to give the women control over their products